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"Kyrgyz-65" in the fight for their children

Alley Ayman with her parents and older brother Josh, Dzhoelton, Tennessee, USA.


Gүlayym Ashakeeva

In Kyrgyzstan, the ban on international adoption. The main innovation - the government takes responsibility for the fate of these children.

May 6, Kyrgyz President Otunbayeva signed into law on amendment of the Family Code.

The moratorium on adoptions of Kyrgyz orphans by foreign nationals was introduced in 2008. Since then, 65 American families lived in anticipation of permission for something to take to her adopted children from Kyrgyzstan.

Alley: «I'm from Kyrgyzstan»

3-year-old Ellie lives in a small American town with his parents Mary and Kevin, and his older brother Josh.

Maria - photographer, devoted to her creative work and family. Kevin - a geologist working in the field of innovation. Josh goes to school, he's a great game of American football.

Alley Ayman Kevin Lattem: «I'm from Kyrgyzstan», Dzhoelton, Tennessee, April 15, 2011

3 years ago the American family went overseas in distant Kyrgyzstan to adopt a Kyrgyz girl chubby Ayman Alley. Then they do not even suspect, through the difficulties they have to go ...

"I'm from Kyrgyzstan" (I am from Kyrgyzstan) - I hear on the other end perky voice.

After greeting me by phone in English, Ellie asked me my name. I had the: "Ellie, I am also of the Kyrgyz Republic" and begin to talk in Kyrgyz.

Few listened to me, the girl handed the receiver to the mother.

Maria tells which way they had to go for today's happiness:

- In January 2008 we began the process of adoption. Alley was born in late March of that year, so we started all preparations before her birth. In late May, went to Tokmok orphanage, we first met Ellie. For two weeks, three of them with her ​​husband and son every day we drove from Bishkek to Tokmok to see the little Ellie.

The second time we arrived in Kyrgyzstan in October to have to take Ellie home. A total of 10 months we have managed to arrange everything and bring the little girl. We are very fortunate that we were able to adopt her before the introduction in Kyrgyzstan moratorium on international adoption.
You know yourself, how many families now can not take away the foster children, because everything slowed down. The children remain in orphanages.

"Kyrgyz-65" in anticipation of children

Since 2008, 65 American families are making every effort to pick up foster children from Kyrgyzstan.

"We already know the name" Kyrgyz-65 "," say Frank and Gabrielle Shimkus, foster parents Azamat from Bishkek's home.

- 65 families, gathering all the required documents in Kyrgyzstan, were only waiting for a court decision. But with the introduction of the moratorium, we found ourselves in gridlock. Since then, over the past three years, 65 families are fighting for the right to take their foster children. We are in business days doing that. Sometimes communicate with each other, does not stop correspondence.

By working together, negotiating with the Kyrgyz government, and in ourselves - with our governmental authorities. Sometimes hold meetings by telephone.

Many of these children, serious health problems. All of them can be cured on its feet. Of the 65 children two died. If they had been with foster parents, this would have happened " - says the mother of Azamat Gabriel.

Azamat (Aidan Josiah-Azamat Shimkus) in June is 3 years old.

Azamat (Aidan Josiah-Azamat Shimkus) is still in Bishkek orphanage. January 2011

Currently, he is in Bishkek orphanage. In Azamat congenital malformations in the face.

Recently, Gabriel, putting all their efforts in America, managed to organize the operation Azamat by German doctors, who arrived in Bishkek.

As soon as Azamat will be in the United States, American doctors will continue the operation.

In 2008, when Frank and Gabriel stayed only a month to pick up Azamat, a ban on the export of children.

Since then, the family had already appeared two daughters, the eldest of whom "can not wait Azamat" says Gabriel.

And in the room Azamat now 2 years forlornly waiting for his master's crib.

According to the deputy Jogorku Keңesha Damir Niyazalievoy 95% of children awaiting adoption, there are various diseases:

- Our citizens do not take these sick children. For example, who wants to take the baby with syphilis? Furthermore, among these children, there are those who need very expensive operations overseas.

Adoption: a responsible, difficult, expensive

For Americans, the adoption of a child from another country - it is very responsible, complex and expensive solution. First of all, American family, reshivshayasya so, contact one of the agencies on adoption of children from abroad and fills special documents.

Must provide an official letter from the police, a letter from the bank's financial position, results of medical examination, the response from friends and the whole pile of papers ...

During the month, the agency verifies the application and documents provided by the family.

Only if all information is confirmed, the agency officials visited the family to see the living conditions and talk to the neighbors. At the same time, their personal dossiers being tested at the FBI, and every family member passes fingerprints.

Only after this adoption agency children from abroad began to work with Kyrgyzstan on the proposal. On average, this period may take up to six months. If approved, the family is sent to Kyrgyzstan.

In Kyrgyzstan, American parents are "new vitality to school: a different language, traditions and customs, norms of behavior, communication with local authorities and officials.

Nazgүl, in 2005-06, he worked as a translator for an American family and assisted in the removal of two disabled children, tells how to Kyrgyz officials are cashing in on this:

- The process lasted from September to July next year, which is very long. While in Kyrgyzstan, I helped them in adopting a child, and I know I had to spend a lot of money. First, the representative of the regional administration and an official from the Ministry of Education asked for money for their services. In addition to officially paid money, we had to "pay" another 3 thousand dollars. I remember it exactly.

Azattyk: Who were transferred to the 3 thousand dollars? How many people got the money?

- There was a man of the regional administration, which coordinates the activities of children. This man was our contactee. He said he gave the money to me, and we will share. I know exactly what was another man from the ministry, and 3 or 4 people shared the money.

Now give the floor to Mary, mother of Ellie. My question about how much cost the adoption, she responds:

- In general, the whole process cost us 53 thousand dollars. Yes, this amount includes expenditures made ​​in the USA. Adoption itself is worth 20 thousand dollars. Part of the money went on the trip. The first time went to Kyrgyzstan, three; second trip to join us my friend. Each time, as in Kyrgyzstan, stayed for two weeks in a hotel. We can say that 15,000 is gone, basically, on a trip. Agency paid 15 thousand. The remaining 23-24 thousand dollars spent in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Observation of foster children

In 2008, due to serious violations of the law on adoption of children by foreign citizens has been declared a moratorium. But it should be noted that to date has not been brought any criminal case on those grounds.

Kyrgyz society often hears and sees in the Russian media reports that foster children abroad are exposed to violence, and their organs sold.

In conversation with me, Gabriel, American mother Azamat from Bishkek, does not hide his surprise from the fact that the Kyrgyz people believe such rumors.

- For us, these children are more expensive than us. We want them to grow not at the orphanage, which will affect the rest of their lives, isolating them from society, and that they grew up in a family with parents. God is my witness, I am very ready to give your body Azamat. For this child I am ready to do everything in my power - in a trembling voice said Gabriel.

In America, families who adopted children from abroad, is constantly under the supervision of social work agencies, schools, where a child is in, as well as neighbors.

Aibek Ismailov, a member of the board of directors of the association "The Future of Kyrgyz children in Virginia, said that the Kyrgyz authorities could easily be monitored for foster children.

- I talked to the guys from the Consular Service of the Kyrgyz Embassy. Their duties are to oversee the foster children from Kyrgyzstan for their lives. They call for families to learn how and what, if the child is older - talking to himself. Sometimes visit families to see everything with my own eyes. It's all part of the functions of consular service.

Familiarity with the historical homeland

American families who have adopted children from abroad, often tell their foster children about their homeland.

Americans tell their children to "Kyrgyz roots" of Kyrgyzstan, using multimedia techniques. USA.Who left 3 years ago in America Ellie prepares next year to come to Kyrgyzstan with her parents.

- I want to make photos of Kyrgyzstan. This is my professional interest. And Ellie, I think, to learn more about their country, it will be better understood.

Even now, despite her age, we're talking Ellie, that she was born in Kyrgyzstan, and she understands what Kyrgyzstan.

Every two months, she meets with his Kyrgyz friends. I myself know that this wonderful country of Kyrgyzstan, - says mother Mary Alley.

Our history we would like to complete the string of letters written to the birthday Ellie and posted on the Homepage of Mary.

"... somewhere, back in Kyrgyzstan, on this day, March 29, your mother probably remembers how she gave you 3 years ago. I hope that her mother's heart must have felt, with some tenderness, I love this child, what an amazing life she lived, and I thank the heavens for what they gave us such a gift. I would like to see your mother and tell her most about this ... "

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