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"Children's" questions for adults

"Children's" question for adults (Translated from Russian on

14/04/2011 - 16:36

Kyrgyz Adoption of orphans by foreign nationals - a matter of dispute and discussion. Today, MPs voted in the second and third reading of amendments to the Family Code, relating to adoption of children by foreign citizens of Kyrgyzstan. I recall that in 2009, our parliamentarians have introduced a moratorium on the adoption and execution of custody of the kiddies Kyrgyz orphanages for foreign nationals.Arguments, to which officials appealed, and was at that time not a lot. "They're taking our children and we know nothing about their fate! Suddenly, there they are beaten and even killed? "- Outraged officials. The Commission, created in 2008 found that the fate of 13 adopted children from abroad, the CD is no information. This provoked another wave of disturbances and, as a result, there was a moratorium.

Meanwhile, a U.S. citizen, Pamela Allen, who herself wanted to adopt a girl from Bishkek home baby, had already talked about what I find information about the allegedly pushed into obscurity children - no problem. That it is only through the Internet data tracked down the whereabouts of nine of them. But all attempts to explain the futility of the charges against the foreign adoptive parents were in vain.

American citizens also had to tackle this problem because about 60 children, who were awaiting adoption, and have already found their foreign parents, held hostage slaboobosnovannoy whims of parliament. Do not forget that most of these children have the disease, sometimes very serious. According to official figures, amongst those kids who came to the attention of foreign adoptive parents, two died without waiting for formal adoption by foreign nationals. And this is just data about the children who were under the scrutiny of U.S. prospective adoptive parents. And how many kids did not wait to be adopted by volunteers from abroad for two years of the moratorium? Have heard the stories themselves and educators in specialized children's homes, that children with serious illnesses are required for foreigners who are willing to do everything possible to ensure the child a decent life, but do not wait for paperwork, and slowly dying on the state-owned beds without seeing in this life is nothing but from the orphanage walls.

Foreign nationals who are preparing to become foster parents of Kyrgyz babies tend to be very diligent approach to the issue of receiving a child into their family. They thrash out all diagnoses kid, his mental and physical condition, obtain information about possible treatment and rehabilitation of the child uneasy. Our officials lose sight of the fact that foreign adoptive parents undergo training and testing, not only in our country, but also at home. All documents filed by foreign adoptive parents for permission to bring an adopted child in the country - are carefully checked there the bodies of trusteeship.

Do not forget that the adoption procedure with registration of all documents, transporting the child's treatment, the organization of everyday life is worth a lot of money. And guess some ignorant people that the Americans, Italians, Germans and others adopt our children to make fun of them - look silly.

A couple of months ago I happened to visit the House of baby and talk to his head. Of course, after the issue of supply of houses with everything you need, the first question was: "How often do adopt children?". Because among the inmates of the House babies, which contains over one hundred children, many children with severe diagnoses.

Then head complained that foreigners are not allowed to pick up those kids, they chose his family back in 2009. She described how these parents care about their potential children, call, finding out their fate, send gifts.

Long time activists of several non-governmental organizations and individual deputies struggled to a moratorium on adoptions was lifted. And this day was not far off. According to the parliamentarians, the full adoption of the amendment and the entry into force - a mere formality, since they have taken in the second and third readings.

MP Damir Niyazalieva shared with his joy at the successful adoption of the law:
- At the moment the law was passed in the second and third reading. Estesstvenno, I treat it positively. And I speak for the fact that children who go there are aware of their origin, their homeland. I saw with my own eyes, as Americans, for example, instill a love for Kyrgyzschstanu dear children, adoptees have. A child's birthday gift to give, which is linked to its homeland. And every day in front of the house raised two flags: the U.S. and Kyrgyz. Foster parents told the adopted children of Kyrgyzstan, on the history of our nation. They do not hide from their family did this child. The child thus has the opportunity to realize that he kyrgyz that he was from Kyrgyzstan. And perhaps, after growing up, he wants to return home. While we have a secret adoption, when no data for the child may not be distributed. Maybe, according to our mentality, it is correct. However, I saw that in the United States have special organizations involved in searching for biological parents sdetey orphans. And often they find it. And after this family adopt the child and his biological relatives perfectly communicate with each other.
- Who, under the new law will monitor data on adopted children?

- Before all the functions of gathering information, issuing permits for the adoption, tracing the fate of adopted children were assigned to different organs. Now, we offer all these features suggest to the Ministry of sotsozaschity. To lay all the responsibility for only one department. So it will be easier to organize incoming information.

Did not fail to speak out and the main defender of civil rights in our country Tursunbek Akun :
- I support lifting the moratorium on adoptions of orphans by foreign families. And I support the decision that the child was vaccinated cultural heritage of the country of his ancestors.
We were interested to know the views of those who previously advocated the introduction of a moratorium and actively resented the fact of adoption of our children by foreign nationals. However, it may be due to the fact that the amendments are almost made ​​to the Family Code, may be because enough time has passed, wanting to speak out against lifting the moratorium was not found. Two years ago, Tursunbai Bakir uulu said the press that he is against the adoption of foreign children in Kyrgyzstan. And today he said , that his words will simply misunderstood.

- I support the idea to allow foreigners to adopt children. But the only caveat: in the first place, in my opinion, it must be children with serious illnesses that are difficult to treat in our country. And more important also the fact: when a Kyrgyz citizens were divided into those who are permanently resident in the country and those who have some time living abroad. The first group to adopt children under the laws of our country, and the second offered to adopt a child under the laws of the country where he lives. I believe that it is fundamentally wrong. Can not be divided into groups of Kyrgyzstan. That the citizens of our republic, let the laws of our country will be common to them all.And so, for the happiness and health of children orphaned me for permission Kyrgyz adoption of orphans by foreigners.

Some time ago I've met with a well-known Russian TV presenter and foster mom Tatiana Sorokina . Subject of the meeting was a professional sense, but I could not ask her a question about her personal relationships to a ban on adoptions for foreigners. And then Sorokina uttered one amusing thought: "We always think of those children who are somehow affected by the foreign adoptive parents. But we forget - how many children live with their families and subjected to violence. And how many children are psychologically deformed in orphanages with no parental warmth. " Then the presenter called the ban a procedure "witch hunt". And do not agree with her ​​I could not. So glad of that effort fighters permit foreign adoptions succeed. Business for small - to bring the legislation in order and get it to work properly.

Ekaterina Ivanova.